Gym America offers classes for every age group, from toddlers who have just learned to walk to older children who are ready to work at a faster pace in our advanced classes.

Our certified instructors provide instruction in a safe and positive atmosphere. For children older than age 5, teachers follow lesson plans every week to make sure there is consistency between classes.

All of our classes are designed to train children not only in physical skills, like coordination, strength and flexibility, but to help children grow in self-confidence and social skills as well.

For all of our classes, students may sign up for any number of classes per week in any time slot within a given session. Classes are priced per individual class, so your session cost will vary depending upon how many classes you choose. There is a 10% discount for each class you take over one per week. We also offer a 10% sibling discount for additional children from the same family. See individual class listings for per-class pricing.