The focus of Gym America’s Pre-Team program is training our youngest competitive gymnasts in entry-level gymnastic skills, physical conditioning and performance skills. These very important levels introduce the parent and the athlete to competition, and our goal is to help them enjoy every step of the process. We offer annual evaluations for students desiring to move from classes to their first competitive experience at the Pre-Team level.  Tuition is on a monthly basis and the program is a yearly commitment. There are other fees that are associated with individual programs that cover competitive apparel and competition fees.

Power Mites 

Power Mites are a select group of gymnasts, ages 5-7. Power Mites do not participate in competitions, rather the focus is on building a proper foundation for competitive gymnastics through specialized strength and flexibility training.  The Power Mites learn basic skills and progressions which aid in their development as competitive gymnasts. This group is selected by invitation only.

Star Team

Star Teams are for intermediate to advanced class students. Gymnasts have the experience of being on a team, competing, and creating friendships by competing  in-house, low-pressure competitions.Students will learn routines on each event, requiring two days a week of practice and attendance of 4 in-house meets per year.

No travel makes this a less expensive option than the competitive teams and requires less commitment.

Boys Ninja Stars

The Ninja Stars is an invite only group for boys that are ready to begin taking their gymnastics to the next level. Boys further develop self-confidence and focus while building their gymnastics skill, strength, and flexibility. This group competes in the Star Team program, giving boys their first taste of gymnastics competition in a low pressure environment.

Boys League Team

The Boy’s League Team is a brand new program that was developed here at Gym America. This program gives boys the opportunity to compete in fun meets against other gyms in our area. The boys on this team grow in their gymnastics ability, building on the basics outlined by USA Gymnastics for Level 4 competition, while developing a heightened level of strength and flexibility. A large emphasis is placed on growing each athletes self-confidence, perseverance, and focus in working towards their goals.

Levels 1, 2 & Pre-3

This program is developed by USA Gymnastics and is the foundation for all competitive gymnastics.  The pre-team gymnasts will learn routines on all Olympic events and will compete in a series of FUN meets throughout the state of Michigan.  These levels train up to two days per week.